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The Holidays Are Around The Corner. Top 7 Picks For The Best Gifts To Surprise Your Drummer

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the music inside this bar is delightful.

Giving gifts are a wonderful way to go, to your fans, to your band, for your show. For your show, for your show, for your show.

Let’s celebrate this year right by showing everyone in a band how happy we are that they made it to 2021.

Here is a video from the channel Sweetwater providing more intel on the hottest gifts for drummers this year.

Perfect for dampening a drum kit.

Helps tune the tension of a drum kit for a smoother, more distinct sound.

Portable practice pad tips that’ll allow you to practice your skills anywhere you go.

A practice pad that exceeds most others.

The perfect tool to stay in tone with your beat at a more visceral level.

A repair kit every drummer must have, must carry everywhere they go.

Superb choice headphones recommended by the pro’s themselves.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Source: Sweetwater

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